Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute Pictures!

I have been a slacker with my blog so I thought I would just post some pictures that I thought were cute! Dax played soccer this year and loved it!
The fam in Utah gear!
My two twin angels!



This year was way more crazy for Halloween but we had a great time! We went to Gardener Village a few times and had a fun time Trick or treating! Dax only went to a few houses but that was perfect for me!
The girls in their Halloween outfits!

Carving pumpkins was very fun this year because Dax enjoyed it so much more!
And here they are in their costumes! My sweet little Lady Bugs and my strong Ninja Turtle!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tom's Wedding

Dad and Mom together! My mother looked beautiful!
My Brother Tom got married in Austin Texas on July 17th. He married an amazing girl her name is Stefanie and she will be a great sister in law. We are really excited to have her in our family!!

Stef and Tom after the wedding!

All the grandkids!

All the groomsmen!

We think he is pretty cute!
Dax shooting a little pool!

They are so sweet!

My Friend Sadie took these great pictures for us! We had so much fun taking these! She took 435 pictures! These were a few of my favorite. The girls were 3 weeks old. Thanks Sadie for all your hard work on these pictures!
Usually I don't like pictures of myself but I kind of liked this one!


I think this is a classic picture due to that this is what they do most of the day!!
You can see how little Brekkin is in Chris's hand!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are home!!

Dax loves the girls very much.
Marki thinks these are her sisters.
We Finally made it home after a long 11 days. My parents were great to let us stay with them while the girls were in the hospital. Hailyn is still on Oxygen but we are hopeful it won't be much longer, she was weighted today and is 6-14. Brekkin is growing big and doing well. Here are a few more pictures of the girls. They are super sweet and we could not be happier.
Who says that smiling can't happen when you are a little baby!
Papa Hugh and Brekkin
Grandma Dee and her name sake.